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Christmas Custody: Tips to Co-Parent with Ease this Holiday Season

The holidays are a chaotic time even under the best circumstances. But when you balance the additional obstacle of co-parenting and holiday visitation schedules, the season for joy can become more complicated. Remember, to keep your children’s well-being as your top priority. You can keep your sanity and do what is best for your children by following these simple tips.

Try to be Flexible

Even with a written, court-ordered agreement, things come up. For example, more than 50 percent of U.S. families are remarried or recoupled. As a result, the other parent may need to be in two places at once, such as picking up children a few hours’ drive away at the same time they need to pick up the child you share together. If you both can agree to a pick-up time that works for both of you, then do it. As long as there is no flat-out denial of time with your child, being flexible and cooperative can make your holiday stress-free.


Co-parenting is not easy. However, learning to communicate with the other parent openly and honestly can prevent misunderstandings. While texts can be helpful with documentation, they can also lead to misunderstandings. Even in casual conversation, the tone of a text message may be lost or misinterpreted.

However, the stakes of misreading a text between co-parents are incredibly high. Picking up the phone to discuss holiday arrangements can save you from holiday visitation headaches and frustrations, but do try to get the final agreement in written format to ensure everyone is on the same page, something like: “Just confirming our agreement to meet on December 29 at 6 p.m. for me to pick up the kids, at the usual H.EB.”

Keep in mind, that it is OK to make some concessions and ask for concessions in return.

Keep your child’s best interest at the forefront

Many former couples get trapped in the mindset of what the other parent is doing or has done wrong. Thoughts like “she wants to control everything” or “he’s selfish” can muddy the waters on what’s truly in the best interest of your child. By recognizing that your children need both parents in their lives, you can make your holidays easier. Children need and want relationships with both of their parents and extended family. Put your child’s needs above your pride and support your child’s relationship with their other parent.

Contact a Qualified Family Law Attorney

Family matters can be complicated to navigate during the holiday season. However, you do not have to stress over whether or not you will be able to see your child this holiday season. If you are in a situation that requires assistance with the court, contact our firm. The Carlson Law Firm offers free consultations with knowledgeable family law attorneys.

“Helping families is our specialty. Holidays are tricky, but having a qulaified attorney that you trust can make your custody arrangements easier to manage. - Brenda DeRouen - Family Law Attorney

The DeRouen Law Firm Can Make Your Holidays Smoother

Children thrive with a routine. And even if they do not get to spend every holiday with you, knowing what to expect each year can make the Christmas season a better experience for both parents and their children. If you are considering a divorce, understand that your transition into co-parenting doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Or, if you were never married to your child’s other parent, you don’t have to beg to see your child on Christmas or other holidays. Establishing a custody agreement will ensure both parents are getting equal treatment after a split year-round.

Contact The DeRouen Law Firm to discuss your options with our team. Our compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorneys can answer your questions about custody arrangements during the holiday season.

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