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Determining child custody in Texas can be difficult even under the best circumstances. Sometimes parents legitimately contest custody of a child because it is in the child’s best interest. Other times a parent may use child custody as an excuse to continue fighting with the other spouse. Regardless of the circumstances, the danger of losing custody of your children is real, and should never be taken lightly. The DeRouen Law Firm is dedicated to helping parents fight for their rights and will work together with you to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Call us today to schedule a consultation to address your child custody case (832) 328-0791.



There are a variety of legal issues associated with child custody. Our knowledgeable and qualified child custody attorneys are well-versed in cases including:

  • Modifications

  • Child Support

  • Enforcement Actions

  • Supervised Visitation

  • Grandparents Rights

  • Telephone & Internet Access To Children

  • Temporary Restraining Orders

  • Enforcement of Visitation Rights

  • Enforcement of Child Support

  • Modifications of Custody

  • Modifications of Child Support

Child Custody: Practices
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